Eggs Romeo Gigli

Romeo Gigli is back in fashion with a collection for the Italian brand Eggs, with 13 evening dresses for 13 different women. “These are a few silhouettes that can be worn in an easy way, and mixed and matched, paired with coats and capes,” explained the designer. The looks were shown at the beautiful home of architect Stefano Giovannoni, where Asian artifacts blended with contemporary art — much in the spirit of Gigli himself. There was an aura of serenity in the room as the models posed against the backdrop of a flower wall under a skylight.

The collection was exquisite, and even more so by taking a closer look at the details that enriched each design. Upon inspection, what seemed a chiffon blouse in tones of apricot and cherry red over a long ocher skirt with lace on the side slit was actually a dress constructed to perfectly fall on the body. It was worn under an ocher mohair coat with a pattern of curved gold appliqués on the shoulders, lapels and arms.

Gigli’s painting of a cupid appeared on a black jacket with gold details and a black cashmere coat was embellished with ciré roses. A dark lace dress was lacquered and rubberized. Despite the craftsmanship and embellishments, every look was featherlight. The only drawback to the tightly edited collection was that you were left wanting more. Welcome back, Romeo.

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