Motorcycle taxis are the most common form of transportation in Nairobi, Kenya. That’s where Edun’s exciting journey through African culture started for fall. The brand’s creative team was inspired by the bold, over-the-top customizations of the city’s boda boda motorcycle taxis for the prints and decorative motifs jazzing up this cool collection.

Perfectly combining creative research with the development of solid relationships with local artisans and manufacturers, Edun succeeded in giving life to an authentic collection, celebrating the vibrant African aesthetic yet avoiding clichés. While the intriguing patterns were intricate and eye-catching, the silhouettes were slick and precise.

An alphabet mudcloth motif printed on cotton twill in Burkina Faso was used for a trenchcoat and a shirt with coordinated pants. The same pattern was hand-printed in South Africa on a feminine slipdress crafted from a lightweight pink leather, which was also used for a chic draped camisole top matched with flared pants.

Embroideries made in Rwanda adorned an elegant coat in recycled wool felt, while a pair of colorful striped pants were hand-woven in Burkina Faso. Edun’s team traveled to Madagascar to craft a covetable oversized jacquard cardigan, while a range of denim pieces, including a graphic top, a wrap skirt and a pair of pants, were embellished with beaded fringe made by Kenya’s Kazuri Beads, a company that employees 300 women crafting vases and custom ceramic jewelry.

From a sophisticated suit in eco-friendly velvet and a vegan leather vest paired with jersey pants to a fluid frock printed with a floral motif and a satin panel dress, everything exuded that unifying sense of desirability and charm, overcoming any cultural boundaries. That is true beauty.

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