Earth to Marchesa ladies: You may or may not be able to, at some point in the future, return to a state of business as usual. You will absolutely not be able to do so without addressing Harvey Weinstein.

It seems impossible that Georgina Chapman, Weinstein’s soon-to-be-ex wife, and her partner in Marchesa, Keren Craig, could think that they can wait it out, that however many seasons down the road, all will be as before, at least in terms of running their business. But apparently, they do. On Wednesday afternoon, the designers repeated their approach to pre-fall, sending out a fall look book accompanied with a statement on the collection. The clothes look lovely in the pictures. But if there’s any hope of salvaging their business, Chapman and Craig will have to address more than finding inspiration in the Dutch masters. They don’t owe it to the press. They owe it to their retailers and the women whom they hope to retain as clients.

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