Jordana Warmflash specializes in the bold use of color, and there was no shortage of it in her fall collection. Her openness to uplifting combinations of tones was a welcome reprieve in a generally serious season. She was inspired by interior design firms that make boldly hued furniture, which she interpreted using art forms such as needlepoint and other craftier techniques her customers appreciate.

At the core of the collection were knits and dresses, which have become the brand’s bread and butter. “I wanted to focus on the customer this season and what she wants to wear,” Warmflash said at a preview. “It should be fun and special.” The hand-crocheted cardigan and sweaters instantly drew you in with inviting color accents and fluffy textures. They were made of a cashmere-wool yarn that gives the appearance of heft without the unwanted weight. A multicolored sweater was pure cold-weather magic: Its sleeves were enveloping, yet the piece was slightly cropped so it didn’t overwhelm and paired beautifully with sturdy knit pants.

Warmflash’s artisanal flair was evident in a floral gown that combined thick machine embroidery with three-dimensional handwork and sequins. Other charming dresses included a laser-cut cotton poplin and cotton check, both lightweight enough to wear in cities that don’t experience seasonal shifts. Especially cheeky was a floral lace dress with a check underlay, which summed up the brand’s appeal: easy to wear and flattering, with bits of textural play.

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