With all the hand wringing about how to express both a woman’s strength and her vulnerability, APC offered a simple response: She doesn’t need trousers. Jean and Judith Touitou sent out a lineup of the brand’s signature smart and flattering styles — pieces that allow women to be women. But no pants. Long dresses with flowers or paisley prints were flowing and elegant, certainly not precious. For anyone after an extra buffer, a handsome sweater vest was tossed over the office shirt. Paired with a short, trim skirt, the look was confident and sensual.

Layering served as the backbone of this coed lineup. The men were cool, nerdy types, with turtlenecks under their collared shirts. Not too cool, though — the sleek red bomber jacket was tucked into trousers. The new line of APC sneakers and thick, retro glasses from Maison Bonnet completed the look — named Chirac, after the former French president, Jacques Chirac.

The label is settling on the catwalk to present its collections, an obvious choice judging by the energy of the fall show at the Rue Madame headquarters in Paris. “See you soon,” Isabelle Huppert told Jean Touitou after the show. He was off to dine with French President Emmanuel Macron that evening.

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