Cédric Charlier tapped into his childhood love of all things equestrian for fall — the Paris-based Belgian designer rode until he was forced by his father to choose between horsemanship and fashion when he was 18, he explained during a presentation at the Belgian ambassador’s residence in Paris. It was the first time he had broached the issue in his sartorial vocabulary, however.

Charlier wove rhombus-shaped motifs into his masculine/feminine lineup, both through innovative cuts and with a patchwork of diamond shapes on pieces like shirts.

The construction of a fluid dress in fuchsia and red silk was a case in point, the diagonal cut and pleated skirt adding structure. The same design was also offered in pink Lurex for a more outgoing look.

Again contrasting pink and red — a major theme for fall — the motif was also found on a cute perforated sweater where the cut was used to create a bustier shape.

He used lightweight checked men’s wear fabrics for skirts and dresses, including designs embroidered with floating white flowers.

The collection was also strong when it came to outerwear, where the season’s must-have checks came into play, as on a heavyweight wool creation with red contrast stitching and a voluminous black collar. Another wool design had a neutral shearling bottom half, and there was a sheepskin bomber in an appealing forest green.

His statement accessories complemented the lineup, with highlights including a padded patchwork leather bag that again channeled the diamond-shaped motif, smart-casual mules in camel leather and pointed lace-up flats that were particularly fun in green silk or in a colorful silk chrysanthemum print that echoed some of the high-neck dresses and blouses in the collection.