The clue to the inspiration for Marie-Christine Statz’s fall collection was tucked in the invitation: a single, left-hand glove. Playing on the label’s name, which means “left-handed,” she twisted her garments, sometimes usurping their function, with a deconstructivist stance.

Two different halves — one pleated, the other not — were spliced together as a single skirt. Hems were set askew or worked in contrasting stitching and many designs were in fact reversible, Statz explained before the show.

Working with clean, almost brutalist lines for the most part, she cultivated a color palette that was largely black, white or khaki with touches of sky blue and olive green. There were nevertheless a few quirky exceptions to the minimalistic take – a Lurex shirtdress here, a leopard print skirt there and then a coat of vivid blue, jolting the eye.

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