Bill Gaytten dreamed up some storyline: A traveling circus rolls through the American Midwest at the end of the Depression, and in one town, its burlesque star falls for one of the locals. These two characters came to life in a wardrobe mixing men’s tweeds, denim workwear and long johns with old-Hollywood glamor.

In this confrontation of the robust and delicate, antique flapper-style slips and dresses came accessorized with wool socks, black derbies, pearls and doctor’s bags. The men’s coats added a protective layer.

Playing on transparencies and lingerie accents, the designer paired a sequin bra under an organza dress worn over a mannish pant. Pleated details were among the leitmotifs, like on the main skirt silhouette, fitted at the hips with wide pleats alternating between tweed and a tan fabric.

Ticking off the house codes, including the “Galliano Gazette” print, Gaytten created a charming merch-friendly collection filled with pretty dresses, minus the madcap edge of yore.

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