Louise Trotter introduced interesting, new elements to the luxurious Joseph universe by exploring the bounds of attractiveness. In the most striking example, she covered a pair of pointy, leather boots with a blue layer of plastic, invoking cheap, throwaway foot covers for travelers.

Autumn tones were mixed with synthetic colors like neon yellow, and high-end fabrics were layered with a plastic coating. “I explored where good taste and bad taste meet,” she explained.

The fabrics were rich, down to the details: fine wool threads were twisted to provide rigidity, and synthetic threads were woven into silk. Trotter subverted classic fabrics as well, using a thick cotton gabardine, suitable for outerwear, to make a shirt.

A chunky hand-knit thick-ribbed sweater was paired with a long, pleated skirt, in an electric blue. The overall result of this investigation? Most of the pieces landed on the attractive side of the equation.

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