In a turbocharged world, the decision is often made quickly — stay the course and hope to keep relevant or venture into new territory and pray you don’t lose your audience along the way. Christine Phung chose to stick her toes in the water and tinker with a house staple: the prints.

“I would like to develop the floral universe of the house and extend the realm of the prints; it’s a new print,” she said. It came early in her vibrant, contemporary lineup of fluid and fitted silhouettes with a strong sportswear presence, including an elegant floral ski suit.

Made of small flowers on tree branches, of varying intensity and size, in an orange, blue and white palette, the new print marked the beginning of her quest to introduce elements of pointillism into the label’s range. She’s moving deeper into new ground after introducing traces of Impressionist style paintings last season.

The collection also featured Leonard tried-and-true with a range of pieces in a classic mustard and blue orchid floral print, which she used to make a fluid jumpsuit, luxurious quilted coats and a sexy mini dress.

Iceland was inspiration. Phung would have liked to make the journey before her show, but it was 30 degrees below zero when she checked. Sounds too cold for toe-dipping.

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