Chitose Abe did her thing for fall: hybridization. After 20 years plying her craft at Sacai, she knows it inside out and the collection was a rigorous exercise in it. Without harping on a message or clinging to a theme, Abe put forth her stock and trade, blending multiple garments across many different aesthetics into cohesive pieces and a show with many moods. The mix was made up of glossy puffer jackets, collegiate stripes, windowpane plaids on men’s tailoring, shirting, fur and graphic Native American-inspired prints. The looks were awash in vivid saturated color — orange, green, purple, electric blue and magenta — paired to pop. Sturdy outerwear had bourgeois polish, the denim was casual and cool and the printed knits were brash, a bit bohemian. Much of it was meant to be worn loud and proud, but there were calm moments too. Those who dare to wear hybrids run the risk of the hybrids wearing them.

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