Irakli Rusadze offered a sleek lineup of original and sophisticated silhouettes for fall. Presenting in the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum, the designer showed his clothing against a backdrop of artwork from fellow Georgians of his generation, including gender-bending portraits and protest graffiti.

But that’s where the youthful ingenuity ended: Rusadze’s collection was a mature exhibit of highly skilled tailoring. Eye-catching leather pieces included a round-shouldered coat in a reddish brown, paired with trim trousers. Men were dressed in military-style suits, with wide shoulders and a cropped waist.

Also displayed was a rack of pieces made from the same white cloth, the better to emphasize the shapes of the clothing. Rusadze only works with all natural materials such as cotton, wool and leather; transferred to these rich fabrics, the clothing rose to a new level.

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