The big news here was a new capsule of patchwork furs made from unused pelts and unsold garments, dubbed Pieces. One of the more elaborate one-of-a-kind coats, representing weeks of work, came with a 30,000 euro price tag.

“I think we’ll continue the line as it sends an important message. Fur is the only material that is truly sustainable as it can be recycled an infinite number of times,” said Yves Salomon, the company’s president.

The house’s Army line, which launched around a decade ago and is designed by Peter Hornstein, has been given a makeover. The new orientation is “luxe streetwear,” said Salomon, pulling out a blouson in a mix of nylon and shearling, and a reversible nylon parka lined with rabbit fur.

There was even a shearling hooded jacket masquerading as an “imitation fake fur.” But why? “For fun, it’s a kind of joke,” he said.

Shearling dominated the house’s main line, save for a couple of exceptional pieces like a lush fox fur with an intarsia leopard print and a mink coat in colored stripes.

The house also presented a collaboration with Moon Boot offering a range of shearling and fox fur styles, as well as its debut signature footwear styles: a hiking boot and sneaker with fur and shearling accents. “We plan to grow it,” said Salomon.

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