Alexa Chung has been thinking long and hard about feminism, female solidarity and the kind of woman who best represents her brand.

And so she dreamed up a female collective: one composed of women of varying tastes and backgrounds, and who are plotting to escape to the West Coast to take in the nature and be whoever they want to be.

“It’s about finding solace in a community of women and how powerful that can be. It’s time to celebrate the power of femininity and acknowledge that all the attributes traditionally associated with women aren’t weaknesses,” said Chung.

She loosely translated her train of thought into a collection that telegraphed a tougher attitude with dark velvets, tartan and shiny leather galore.

A pleated leather jacket matched with satin pants and a series of vinyl trenches were among the highlights. They fit in well with some of the softer, more feminine pieces that have become part of Chung’s vocabulary by now: Ruffled blouses and satin pajama-style suits in dusty floral prints.

“Whether it was leather pants with cozy knitwear or a strict skirt with an open-weave blouse, having that tension was important to us,” added the designer.

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