Instead of throwing a big birthday bash for his label’s 20th anniversary, Markus Lupfer went with the “less-is-more” approach. “I just wanted it to look chic and casually elevated,” he demurred.

The clothes were just that. Wintry pieces such as chunky sweaters, elongated cardigans and wool coats added warmth to floral-print dresses and high-waisted, asymmetrically pleated skirts.

While Lupfer kept the silhouettes minimal, the punch came from color — fluorescent yellow knits, for example — and voluminous sleeves. “I want to project the feeling of coziness but make it playful,” he said.

Large faux-fur hats, oversized mittens and a colossal rucksack were random but added whimsy, as did leopard-print outerwear.

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