Mother of Pearl took over the Fitzrovia Chapel, with its polychromatic marble walls and gilded mosaic ceiling, for the presentation of its see-now-buy-now spring 2019 collection, setting up a ball pit filled with more than 300,000 pearl balls. Hired because while creative director Amy Powney loves a tongue-in-cheek gag, she also runs a sustainable brand and renting minimizes waste.

In a neat example of how gently Powney delivers the brand’s sustainable message, the balls were intended to represent the profusion of microplastics that wind up in the ocean from the washing of synthetic fibers, putting marine life at risk. Thus Mother of Pearl’s focus on natural fibers and its pledge to donate 10 percent of sales made for the rest of the month to a charity working to clean-up the oceans.

As for the collection, it was another example of Powney’s confident creative vision. She took the most famous of all streetwalkers, Vivian Ward of “Pretty Woman” fame, as this season’s muse, riffing on looks from the film (that spotty dress), referencing vintage separates and throwing lashings of Beverly Hills glamor into the mix.

Spots were everywhere — shirts, pants, dresses, even the silk quilted swimming hats finished with huge back bows — a nod to Eighties couture. They looked especially fetching in a longish ensemble with spots on one side and solid pink on the other, belted in the middle and finished with a choker of pearls at the neck.

Also lovely was the collection’s wide-leg pants that had louche appeal, especially in the trouser suit with its soft tailoring and wide lapels.

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