Natasha Zinko didn’t look far for inspiration: Images of queues of people across London inspired the rainbow of colors and mishmash of styles and textures in her fall collection.

“I like the idea of a group of random people coming together for the same purpose — everyone looks different and you can really see the variety. That’s why the casting was so different, too, and we mixed models with people we found on our Instagram,” Zinko said backstage.

The street references were strong throughout, in cool pastel pink puffers patched with denim; printed tracksuits featuring photographs Zinko took at Hyde Park over the holiday period; or deconstructed, raw-edged denim.

She added her sexier, more feminine signatures to the mix, too, as in denim corsets, flowing printed dresses and bustier tops.

By now Zinko has developed a vocabulary of her own: a blend of these more traditionally feminine silhouettes with streetwear, which often comes in cozy fleece and tongue-in-cheek logos written in Cyrillic.

Bolder embellishments and colors felt new, and it made for some of the most exciting pieces in the lineup, including a feather-trimmed hooded sweatshirt and a deconstructed denim jacket layered with bright orange fur.

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