You never know what you are going to get at On|Off Presents, the emerging designer platform that closes London Fashion Week — some of its talent is good, some not so much.

For fall 2019, the platform highlighted six brands hailing from the U.K., China and the Netherlands.

Chinese brand Reshake opened the show. Owned by China fashion apparel giant Mark Fairwhale, the urban fashion brand put its unique spin on Buddhism and culinary culture. Shanghai street food legend Xiao Yang Sheng Jian inspired some cool streetwear pieces, while a black cheongsam jacket with a poetic crane embroidery on the back was the standout item from the collection.

Dutch brand Jimmypaul’s new collection featured over the top, fun designs in collaboration with “Sesame Street.” Cartoon characters came to life on the runway: A Big Bird yellow feather coat, followed by an orange and red feather dress that literally had a dozen Elmo on it.

London designer Daniel Pascal Tanner drew inspiration from the Fauntleroy suit, delivering a collection filled with romantic Victorian frills, bows, floral prints and silhouettes were cute and romantic. Longshaw Ward used nontraditional fabrics to explore the idea of impractical outerwear, while IA London wanted to present outfits they’d wear at their own funeral.

Colin Horgan offered his version of power dressing, drawing inspiration from the strength in women in his family and surreal female characters. Among the highlights was a light grey pair of trousers featuring glacier blue patent leather patches and worn with an aqua blue top and wide belt.

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