Seung-Gun Park wanted to present a collection that “beautified the typically unflattering,” as mentioned in the show notes.

The “unflattering” came in a series of headgear, crowns were made from lighters, pictures of the Queen, candlesticks and a blue plastic bag. It looked like a gathering of misfits or clowns as some models wore big bow ties, clumpy shoes and voluminous red or black checked outfits.

But remove the theatrics and Park’s capable hand at tailoring was revealed. He folded and bunched heavy tartan fabric for pant legs making them look light and airy. On a crisp white shirt he gathered the sleeves up in sections and on a bright red dress, he furrowed its front.

He took cues from the Seventies and Eighties as he explained that “these eras are full of culture and they boomed up the trends of fashion.”

There were retro brown trousers — one with a U-shaped waist and the other with a stiff, asymmetrical high waistband — and blazers with exaggerated shoulders.

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