Reese Cooper chose London to introduce his women’s wear which, as with his men’s offering, mined vintage Americana for inspiration.

“It’s definitely all in the same world. Vintage Americana-inspired. A small town in a big city scenario,” he told WWD during a walkthrough.

Cooper is just 21 but he’s already got three men’s collections behind him and clearly obsesses about process. “When I first started doing men’s wear, I was just running around factories for two years just learning how everything was done and that’s the most interesting thing in the world for me,” he said.

“With the men’s wear, I just base it off what I personally like and would wear and I felt like I needed to challenge myself a little more; I needed to get into the mind-set of something else and really push an idea without just basing it off myself.”

His best pieces were the denim numbers, obviously benefiting from his experience with his men’s line. The denim boiler suit, styled in the look book with the arms tied at the waist, had a nice, grungy wash, and an oxblood leather biker jacket was well executed.

Long kilts in tartan or gray flannel upped the femininity, while the silk slip dress with corsetry panels emblazoned with a dawn sky showed an ambition, if not yet quite a polish.

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