Ryan Lo’s collection was the usual mix of elegant and playful, with a dash of childhood fantasy. Three new baby-carriage styles designed by Lo for the British brand Silver Cross rolled onto a runway that was covered with dry gypsophila petals.

Some opening looks were inspired by pop culture: A military-style suit came straight from the Japanese anime “Galaxy Express 999,” while pink lurex sweatpants recalled Amy Poehler’s character in the teen cult film “Mean Girls.”

The rest of the collection was elegant and sophisticated, with quilted nylon coats and matching skirts, drop-waisted lace dresses and even a loose lace nightgown. Lo collaborated with Stephen Jones once again on fabulous marabou ski-bunny ear muffs, and pink bearskin hats.

There was no overarching theme. “I am just showing my favorite things in black, white, lilac, Alice blue and beige and how I see women,” the designer said.

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