Zoë Jordan recently took a trip to Kenya where she attended a Maasai wedding and in her latest collection, she referenced colors of the ceremonial robes as well as the floral and fauna of her surroundings.

Jordan focused on knitwear and played with weights and patterns that ranged from tie-dye effects, to checkerboard trims and zebra striping. She highlighted the versatility of knits as some took form in an A-line hoodie, slouchy long-line printed cardigans and a bomber-style jacket.

Punchy and bright, Jordan picked vivid colors such as lemon yellow, apricot orange and pale pink, which she contrasted with neutral tones such as black, gray and white.

She jazzed up her knits with playful details, heavy fringing could be found on cuffs, there were cutouts on the sleeves and a patchwork sweater featured large-stitch embellishment.

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