Sara Cavazza Facchini was thinking of snow queens and silent, nighttime forests for this romantic collection of knits, puffers and crystal-embellished dresses in white, silver and ice blue. It wasn’t as overtly sexy as past seasons, and that was refreshing, with the clothes covering and protecting, rather than hugging curves and flashing the flesh.

“I wanted it to be cocooning, enveloping and fluid,” said Facchini, who sent out a lineup of snow white, gossamer knit dresses and tops, and paired with matching jackets with giant puffer sleeves, shearlings or capes. The palette extended to silvery gray, as in a long, billowy dress with crystals running down the front or one with a deep V-neck. It also turned icy blue in the form of a tailored coat layered over a matching, hooded sweater.

Even the most robust snow queen needs to keep warm now and then, so Facchini worked in some fiery reds with a feathery chubby, a V-neck silk gown with big puffer sleeves and a similar one with button cuffs and a rounded collar.

The designer tossed a panther print into the mix, too, which surfaced on a loose, tailored suit and a dreamy white gown, adding a “feline, savage” edge to the collection, she said. Those black animal spots on white fabrics were abstract and painterly, in keeping with the low-key elegance of this collection.

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