Everyone was a winner at Moschino Thursday night when creative director Jeremy Scott created his own “Price Is Right”-style game show as a backdrop for his fall collection, complete with shiny new car, washer-dryer, bedroom set, refrigerator and more.

“It’s hard not to be a fan of game shows growing up in America,” Scott said backstage. “You see glamorous girls in glamorous outfits and it’s all about the luck of chance. It’s a very American idea that you can turn your life around, go from rags to riches with that lottery ticket or by selling that screenplay. There is something about it that captures the imagination.”

Students of Scott may remember that this is not the pop provocateur’s first entrance into game-show territory. In 2001, “Wheel of Fortune” (the real one on TV) invited Scott to make over Vanna White, back when he was still an up-and-comer on the L.A. scene and not atop a European luxury brand. For five shows, she wore Scott-designed outfits while turning the tiles, including a dress printed with dollar bills bearing the designer’s face. WWD documented the whole thing, giving him his first cover.

Storyteller Scott returned to the well on Thursday, and he went all-in this time, showing “Dynasty”-decadent gowns, minidresses in Warholian-like prints of household cleaning products dripping with crystal embroideries, and plenty of kitschy bags shaped like toothpaste tubes, hairdryers, cash registers, champagne bottles and more that should hit big on the red carpet at the camp-themed Met Gala coming up in May.

A slot machine print from the Moschino archives, dollar-bill-print track suits and denim (Kaia Gerber, according to her face value, was worth a million bucks, ha!) and checked faux furs resembling game boards added to the runway winnings. (There weren’t any real winnings; the showcases were just for show, though models played their parts selling them brilliantly). But where Scott really hit the meme-generating jackpot was with that TV dinner dress: the green sequin mini with peas-and-carrots, potatoes-and-Salisbury steak cape was hot and ready to be devoured by Cardi B. (The Grammy winner’s sis Hennessy Carolina was seated front row.)

Critics may continue to wager against Scott, but he has cultured a fan base 2.1 million strong on Instagram, not to mention the customers who have helped boost parent company Aeffe SpA’s revenues last year by 10.9 percent to 346.6 million euros. “Sometimes, collectors will DM me pictures of their closets, and there is nothing in there I haven’t designed,” Scott said. “From Jeremy Adidas to Moschino to Longchamp bags, it’s like whoa — they love to live the whole Jeremy life.”

But more than anything, he’s in the business of selling smiles, and fashion needs fun now more than ever.

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