The Mr & Mrs Italy family is getting bigger, and while fur remains at the heart of this house, there’s a lot more than animal fluff going on for fall, including glammed-up, metallic down jackets, and coats adorned with velvet, plaid fabric and sparkles.

“We’ve kept the brand values; we’re an outerwear brand and we want it to be cool, colorful and about travel,” said Frediano Sebastiani, the chief executive officer. “There’s an urban feeling to the brand — and you can wear it according to your taste. Every collar is detachable and so are some of the linings so that you can wear them in the spring or autumn.”

The brand has always been about big, bold statements and nothing has changed there: There’s a new A-line parka, which Sebastiani said customers had been asking for, a parka-cape style and long and short overcoats, with or without flourishes of fur.

In a nod to the brand’s origins as a purveyor of colorful, fur-embellished military coats, some of the down jackets have been lined with an abstract fur print, or jazzed up with velvet ribbons, while crystals twinkle from the sleeves and pockets of other coats.

Inclusive is becoming the fashion adjective of the year, and Mr & Mrs Italy — with their furs, fur prints and fur-free fabrics — are shouting it out loud and clear.

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