Edward Buchanan wants to react against the sometimes out-of-control speed of the fashion industry. So he decided to proceed with his Sansovino 6 at his own pace. Fully aware that the market is almost saturated, he broke the creative silence of his label with a very cohesive, restrained collection, which looked focused and on point. Demonstrating his mature knitwear skills, the designer mixed wearability and imagination in a sort of high-end, luxurious capsule of versatile, special pieces. Employing only the best yarns, including cashmere, alpaca, wool and cashmere-silk blends, Buchanan delivered effortless chic coats, sweaters, capes, separates and dresses, featuring cloud-like weights and impeccable fit. Patchworks in sophisticated color combinations, fringes and tiny bows to tie in order to transform the silhouettes exalted the personal, distinctive spirit of the collection, which perfectly matched artisanal quality and intellectual design. This combo was clearly on show in the range of beautiful colorful pieces that Buchanan created by manipulating and pairing jacquard scarves featuring messages for empowering people. Slowing down to rediscover fashion’s social influence: that’s Buchanan’s strategy and his collection seemed a convincing, meaningful step to success.

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