Derek Lam 10 Crosby design director Shawn Reddy is feeling preppy for fall. He name-checked Ali MacGraw’s character in the 1970 movie “Love Story” as his seasonal muse. In the movie, MacGraw goes to Radcliffe College, once the sister school to the all-male Harvard. “It’s such a visual movie,” Reddy said during a walk-through.

The idea came through on shirting with a knit yoke and built-in scarf details that can be tied around the neck, and also with some tops with rugby strips cut on a bias that ran diagonally down the garment. Looser micro-check suiting, a new blazer shape for the season with a nipped waist silhouette, and new zipper and button details could be paired with one of the plaid puffer outerwear options. Each had a preppy vibe but were injected with a light design twist.

With fall comes the lead-up to winter events. Reddy offered up crew neck cotton tops with feathers cascading at the waistband and sequin wide-leg pants, a fun take on the signature pajama pants a Derek customer knows well. Here they were done in silver, black and rose gold.

Faux-fur accessories added a rich layer to the contemporary collection, with super soft options including trapper hats, gloves, oversize bags and belts. A few incorporated a subtle artistic eye detail, not a logo per se, but a bit of sly branding. Derek’s dog Roscoe even made an appearance, on a novelty sweater paired with a cute preppy velveteen skirt.

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