This season more than any other, sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon seemed focused on highlighting the artistic integrity behind their clothes. They’ve built their brand on the foundation of harmonious contrasts, which they’ve proven through modernist silhouettes that are at once tailored and feminine, sensual yet covered up. The contrasts apply in other ways as well, such as being a small brand with global appeal, or considering the unique composition of prints even through mass manufacturing.

The sisters are artists at heart, so it’s understandable that they began designing fall by taking a step back to reflect on how to bring their strengths in tailoring forward. They cut a cropped tuxedo jacket with fantastically ballooning sleeves, which were introduced in spring, and offered up a sharp-coated cotton jacket with the appearance of a sturdy leather.

Chloé worked with two local tailors in her native Canada to bring back the art of tailoring, as in a sleek wool jacquard coat with innate construction that empowers its wearer. A precisely cut shirtdress in a malleable plaid had a sustainable arc to it, too, being made of 100 percent plastic bottles while still looking high-end and polished.

But these techniques weren’t applied simply to weightier fabrics: high-neck bodysuits featured angular cutouts, trousers had exacting pintucks and stitches, and one particularly notable button-down had a transformative quality that wasn’t overly complicated like many subversive shirts can easily be.

A painterly reference came through in an animal-print-like brushstroke pattern created in tandem with an Italian artist. Cut into soft, fluid silhouettes, the gradient thickness of the lines offered a contrasting graphic element. The animal print and color palette of rich browns and reds were taken from a vintage patchwork bag the girls admit was quite ugly. “It really sparked this idea of let’s do this, let’s make it funky and let’s bring forward our silhouettes and shapes with more bold and unexpected twists,” Chloé said. Consider it done.

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