“It’s kind of funny when you think about seasons anymore because what’s winter for someone is summer for another,” described Galvan’s Katherine Holmgren. ”There’s always so much travel in-between different locations and climates and temperatures.” Having an international customer who shops in varying climates, the team from Galvan looked to their creative director, Sola Harrison’s, recent trip to Bali to infuse a wintery jungle theme into their fall lineup. Lush green leafy hues ran throughout — simply sophisticated in floor-length slips or more daring in an emerald green sequined blazer with fringed details. Acid green also made an appearance in scuba-like materials, like a bustier minidress, mixing the surfer, beachy vibes and jungle landscapes of Ubud and Uluwatu.

“We’re always trying to make eveningwear — glamorous, yes — but with a dash of fun and youth…and a cool factor that’s often missing,” Holmgren described. The brand continues to do so — fall meant updated sequined — as well as velvet devore-offerings (in a great leafy print). A special edition hand-placed tiger printed velvet devoré shirtdress and slinky “Bali” scarf printed — found during Harrison’s travels — gowns made for great additions to round out the collection of multiple-climate appropriate attire.

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