The brand’s Finnish flair for color and pattern met Japanese influences in Marimekko joyful fall collection. Obi belts and kimono-inspired cuts were paired with cheerful, artsy motifs on lightweight reversible coats and jackets. Cozy padded outerwear pieces were peppered with micro floral prints, while tops with minimal silhouettes were done in a geometric pattern inspired by the stones of Japanese gardens. The same eye-catching floral and geometric motifs were rendered on the cozy jacquard knits, while a more subdued tone-on-tone black and gray version of them was splashed on winter puffers for a more discreet, urban look. For fall, the brand also introduced a new premium line of bags crafted from leather in solid tones. Ranging from more quintessentially feminine rounded shapes to unisex tote styles, they were injected with Marimekko’s signature North European design sensibility.

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