Titled “Muses + Icons,” Marissa Webb’s fall collection sought to reinvent core styles with new little twists. If I said she showed high-waisted jeans, military and tomboy silhouettes, the review could end right there. It’s not a gripe, but it has made asking about seasonal inspirations out of the question. “One thing I am is consistent!” Webb said with a hint of glee.

The focus has actually been a good strategy for the brand. About two years ago, someone told Webb she should stop making high-waisted styles — either because they were too trendy or women didn’t want them or something silly. If she had listened, there wouldn’t be the great denim styles today that fall right below the rib cage, or the introduction of a jumpsuit blending the appearance of a bestselling off-shoulder top and high-waisted pants. Webb has gotten more experimental with denim lately, too, positioning a jacket with elongated sleeves or jeans with asymmetrical waistlines as new MW classics.

“It’s so easy to get distracted,” she continued. “This really feels like our true DNA and what we naturally gravitate towards.” Other classics and standouts included straight boyish blazers and muted prints used for a hefty utility jacket and sexy coatdress with some big shoulder action. A cropped jacket was notable because it didn’t seem cropped given Webb’s sky-high-waist styles. Onesies were proposed as the new basics, according to Webb, because “there’s something very comforting about them. It holds you.” So, next time, expect more of the same, and updated further.

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