Strength and power — the two descriptors Reem Acra used to describe her latest collection. In place of her fantastical and whimsical attire, Reem Acra looked to Joan of Arc to dream up her wonderful fall line. The idea of armor was translated throughout into fabric and embroideries; gowns had silver and gold beads and sequins or came with chains embedded or fastened atop. A gold, full-length gown beamed strength most literally — the gown (mentioned as more of an art piece) weighed a ton, as it was made completely from layers of sequin-shaped metal — and figuratively — the look was a standout in creativity. However, simpler velvet offerings or a romantic, sheer floral-embroidered frock lined in black lace also made for stellar, delicate-but-strong additions.

Newness came two ways. First, through refreshing, body-hugging embellished separates. For instance, a mirrored top with sheer, cutout back paired with velvet palazzo pants. Second, Acra experimented with designing with only one piece of fabric, based on her original draping and pinning techniques.

“It’s a way to artistically make something simple but yet surprising,” Acra explained during a walk-through of the collection. “What’s happening is when I’m doing my designs and draping, things look so incredible at the beginning. I want to make sure they duplicate that one second…I wanted to make sure that just one minute of draping looks so incredible. How do we do that without cutting and making the pattern…just making it natural?”

The result included two great options — a strapless, maroon dress featuring wavy handkerchief-like drapes on the back as well as a black and gold jacquard fitted one with side-slit arms and leg.

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