“Everything’s wickable, breathable…we spent four years developing fabrics,” Tory Burch explained during a walk-through of her latest collection for her high-performance sportswear brand, Tory Sport. Burch added that through her recent collaboration with Soul Cycle (a seven-piece capsule which launched on March 6) she was most excited about hearing feedback from real athletes — from full marathon runners to yogis — who have been surprised and highly impressed by its functionality. A fall favorite (and best-selling) call out included a chevron printed legging and matching bra in oatmeal brown (which sits in the collection under Burch’s new neutral program). Said leggings and bras could be piled under her continually wonderful knits or great new outerwear (a puffed, sleeping bag coat or half-quilted, half-sherpa fleece jacket).

For fall, Burch infused a study of contrasts throughout: watercolor-inspired tie dye versus clean, bright color blocking (in red, purple, navy, royal blue) and chevron graphics when it came to palette and prints, or lightweight nylon ripstop running jackets versus chunky, puffed down coats when it came to outerwear. Within the golf and tennis categories, a new white hybrid skort with a ruffled side perfectly depicted the brand’s overall contrasting play on sporty femininity.

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