“My husband gave me this photo a long time ago, it’s of the Venice Beach Rock Festival in 1967,” designer Winnie Beattie remarked, holding up a picture of the back of a girl seemingly swaying with her hand in the air facing the festival landscape. “I was like ‘Oh my God that looks like such a “Warm” girl to me,’ like the spirit, so it kind of started this whole festival vibes for me — not in a Coachella — but in a 1967 Venice retro [way].” Influenced by the image’s energizing yet easygoing spirit, Beattie sought out to elevate the relaxed fashion depicted through modernized silhouettes.

The collection included a lively mix of silks and velvets in pieces that could be, “super earthy-hippy or super sophisticated,” as she put it. For instance, new wide-leg, relaxed pants in burnt orange velvet with a matching loungey jacket or Chinese dragon printed slightly-shimmery lurex jumpsuit. Beattie’s familiar printed frocks came in wonderful updated floral and striped colorways; two of the best came in short A-line minidress silhouette. Ditto to her uber soft, solid cotton voile jacquard blouses with smocked cuffs and collar and short-sleeve long dresses. Beattie successfully emulated the folky festival vibes into her consistent easygoing, refined garb in a fresh way.

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