“Dance as a way to awaken the senses,” said designer Maria Cornejo on her starting point for her Zero + Maria Cornejo collection. “And the collection felt like it needed to do that. Have an awakening of sorts.”

Fitting that idea, she choose to do intimate appointments in a sunlit space next to the High Line, literally a way to illuminate and “awaken” her collection with the way the wood-paneled space caught the light. “In the digital age, it’s about touching and feeling something,” she added.

A mix of models tried on flowy dresses, light, wide pants, buttery soft leather toppers and plush soft alpaca car coats, making for an urban wardrobe that had a modern fluidity. Her collection of rich earth tones had pieces that easily could end up on either gender, adding another layer of flexibility.

Prints were minimal, with Cornejo preferring to stay with jacquards for this outing. Dresses and long, relaxed separates could easily go from day to night, again underscoring the nimble fluidity of Cornejo’s work.

Accessories were meant to mimic the clothing’s easy aesthetic. “I wanted a softness in the shoes just like in the clothes,” she said, going with a ruching detail to give them an unstructured shape.

“Nobody wants to look like they are wearing track pants all the time, but you want that feel. It’s really about how do you get that feeling across without looking too casual.”

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