“God is in the details,” read the giant badge on one of the final looks in Kunihiko Morinaga’s fall collection for Anrealage, the central theme of which was details — clothing design details, that is.

Backstage before the show, Morinaga showed a series of close-up shots of cuffs, collars and pockets next to the mood board pictures. Through an interpreter, he explained that he is frustrated at how people today look at fashion through their smartphones, and wanted to create designs that could not be fully appreciated onscreen.

Each look in this graceful yet off-the-wall collection was therefore inspired by a design feature: a khaki bomber jacket cuff and arm became a strapless dress, the ribbed cuff its bodice, the ruched sleeve its skirt; in a similar register, a crisp white shirtsleeve was a pinafore dress, held up by suspenders; a fingerless glove worked as a gray knit dress, the second and fourth fingers hanging free over the shoulders.

Giant pockets became capes while collars were draped across the body, creating outsized forms. Pants were worn wide and featured jumbo fabric tabs at the cuffs, while giant buttons, zippers and labels were more about form than function, central to the theme in this lineup that was both clever and lots of fun.

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