Guest piled into one of the cinemas at the Forum des Halles to view a very special release: a home video from one of Anton Belinskiy’s collaborators, showing him and his sister, both in their early years, dressed up and dancing in front of their mother’s camera.

The video was a starting point for the Ukrainian designer’s collection, which centered around kids’ dressing-up costumes. Once the video was over, models came out wearing pointed hats and animal masks in reference to Utrennik, a traditional New Year’s celebration held at kindergartens in the former Soviet Union.

Bright knits were patterned with flowers or playful stripes and worn with corduroy trousers, while shorts, skirts and dresses came in fuzzy velvet. “What was most important to me this season was that the fabrics had to be very soft, almost like kids’ toys,” the designer said backstage.

Mock croc pants were made of eco leather, puffer jackets came in shiny vinyl and fur pieces — some of the looks were inspired by soccer moms — were upcycled. Long fringed scarves dangled down to the models’ ankles, parallel to the long plaits that most of them sported, while metallic zips dotted the looks, spotted on gloves and along the front of dresses.

The whole collection had a entertainingly pieced-together vibe, with a couple of retro items, such as purple high-waisted velour joggers and short corduroy dresses, looking like straight-up children’s clothes.

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