“Where have all the swallows gone?” wondered Christine Hyun Mi Nielsen, recalling summers of her youth in the Denmark countryside.

With birds in mind, the designer leaned to her more romantic side for fall — building up an exotic lineup that sang in puffs and volumes, but also with protective shells. She held the presentation in a basement space with an underground vibe, where models stood, birdlike, under an installation of leafless branches covered in lichen and flowers — a strange mix of baby’s breath and orchids.

The interpretation was literal — complete with feathers, beak-like visors and improbable color mixes — pinks, bright purple and a coppery rust. The colors came in a light polyester silk, which she worked into supersized shoulders, a poofy banana bag, a hooded cape that one could picture on a red carpet.

“I also love a good old hippy,” she said, pointing to a shiny black and white patchwork coat, coated cotton, tightly belted with a wide, spayed collar. Far too chic for your average hippy.

One of the most birdlike looks — the shaggiest, anyway — was a white satin suit lined with white synthetic hair, worn with or without the cape, which was also headgear.

“I thought it would be nice to bring in some nature, to make it, how do you say, a little bit more emotional. I hope it’s more magical,” she said. And it was.

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