For her secondary label, Isabel Marant doubled down on comfort, considering what she would want to wrap herself up in when the weather turned chilly. A fuzzy plaid shirt thus became a poncho, its zip-up collar adjustable for extra warmth. An oversize, quilted vest, too, looked cozy — it had texture, in the form of braid patterns — and smart, as well, cinched at the waist with a leather belt. The designer was equipping her young, fashion-conscious customer with solid outerwear that doubled as a protective layer.

Another example came in the form of a thick brown leather jacket, like a pilot’s jacket from the last century, repurposed for a new era — the shoulders had Eighties-style extra puff. A pale purple sweatshirt was embellished with quilted shoulder patches, and an acid-washed jean jacket had a fuzzy wool collar.

For dressier occasions, she offered an elegant black lace dress, snug in all the right places for sexiness, and an extra ruffle for a touch of the romantic. Her peasant blouses had large sleeves and two ruffles on each shoulder. 

She kept her waists high and the sweaters chunky, for the most part. The collection was all about being in the comfort zone: the label’s, the designer’s and her customer’s.

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