“A sudden inspiration invites you into a journey, where unknown sceneries take your breath away; unknown scents captivate you. You find yourself humming songs and getting to know unforgettable tastes, thinking thoughts you never had before. Chance encounters continue to stimulate our creativity,” the show notes at Issey Miyake said.

Here, such encounters included interactions with new fabrics. For fall, designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae incorporated pieces made from a new resin-printed material with an array of colors, called “blink.” Dough Dough, a fabric used for spring, popped up again this season with a wool-like fiber and easily modulated shapes, like a twist or a crumple.

This was a coherent, fun, wearable collection with a lot of texture, bounce and flow giving a joyful feel, from the opening jackets, such as the dusky pink coat with fabric pieces spilling from the collar, to springy dresses with colored patchworklike motifs and undulating lines.

A wavy, pleated navy jacket came paired with a fluid blue, purple, yellow, green and black skirt. A lime-colored wide turtleneck topped a gathered Egyptian-blue skirt — all chance encounters that worked out well, in the end.

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