How does one learn to dress up? This seemed like the underlying question of  ’s fall 2019 collection for Paul & Joe. On the runway, models looked like little girls creating “going out” outfits from their existing closets, desperately trying to infuse sophistication into their girly wardrobe staples.

A strict plaid wool dress was worn over a shiny blue blouse, a knitted gilet was paired with HotPants, and glitter tights jazzed up girly flower print dresses. There were still hints of childhood in a cat-print jumper and billowing dress, which was paired with a leopard print turtleneck top to counteract its girlishness.

Models sported extra smoky eye makeup, as if dabbling with cosmetics for the first time. Long lamé evening dresses looked borrowed from mom’s closet and were worn with OTT diamanté earrings, pearl hair clips and mules with appliquéd feathers. Wool coats and chubby fake fur jackets were thrown over minidresses, covering too short hemlines from parental gaze, while sequined disco trousers seemed to have been picked straight from a trunk of dress-up clothes. There was nothing subtle about the silhouettes, but altogether the collection was a fun and playful reminder of the youthful joy of dressing up.

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