Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia’s recent shift to a younger direction was less obvious here. Sometimes the styling, like layering a harness over a white lace dress and finishing it off with chunky boots, felt a little awkward.

By contrast, a classic couture sensibility took the upper hand in the richly elaborated creations incorporating embroidery, printing and jacquard-weaving techniques. Surface interest ran high.

A romantic Victoriana vibe also came through strongly, including in the blouses with frilly upturned collars — paired with a long white pleated skirt with a school-girl feel on one look — and black embellished dresses, which were pretty.

Spins on the house’s roots included a short take on the cheongsam, a robe coat wrapped with a large silver belt, and a silhouette pairing a gleaming ivory top evoking an antique folkloric Chinese jacket, worn over a shirt with a Mao collar and shorts, all in the same pale palette.

As a metallic gold sheepskin jacket with pale pink cuffs was also part of this eclectic collection.