Moving on from “A Clockwork Orange,” the touchstone for his men’s fall 2019 show, fashion storyteller Jun Takahashi splashed creepy photo prints from Luca Guadagnino’s remake of horror epic “Suspiria” across his women’s line.

The designer gave a romantic period spin to sportswear elements like hooded sweatshirts, parkas and puffer jackets with supersized, grand volumes and bold colors, with sweeping colored tulle scarves tied at waists, like cummerbunds, or tied in bows on looks.

The great color palette spanned rich red and dusty sweet colors, like pinks, mauve and blue.

Take the looks apart and the individual pieces — from the tuxedo pants and hybrid tailored cardigan jackets in super-cozy material mixes to the sweet Victoriana knits — were very wearable. That said, the prints took up a whole lot of the attention, especially the black baseball jacket with an image of a hand wielding a giant hooked weapon, or the black parka with a gargantuan image of Tilda Swinton in a red robe on both its front and back.

The line’s ballgowns mixing photo-print skirts with T-shirt-style tops and a girly dress with a black top with a Peter Pan collar and photo print skirt perfectly captured the mood of dark innocence.