Name: Jenny Fax

Main message: Taiwanese designer Shueh Jen-Fang takes fragments of childhood memories and turns them into avant-garde collections. For her latest offering she put her stamp on an innocent picnic, with sweet, pastel lace dresses paired with candy-striped blouses. True to form, nothing was quite as it seemed, with acid-washed denim skorts that were so low-waisted they put on display the granny panties attached underneath. Plush balloon dresses had boning to create voluminous, sculptural shapes, while tweed tops were shrunken into tiny, frill-adorned bandeaus. The show closed with a vinyl puffer coat with a hood that zipped all the way up to create a cartoon-like character, and a white split cape that billowed behind like a pair of angel wings.

The result: The collection struck just the right chord between the bizarre and charmingly unique, a weirdly fun take on a fairy-tale-like dreamscape.

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