Name: Shiroma

Main message: Shiho Shiroma lucked out with unseasonably balmy weather for her outdoor fashion show, held right in the center of Shibuya, Tokyo’s most buzzing neighborhood. It was also a wise choice for a venue, as her clothes looked right at home in one of Japan’s fashion centers — although the logo-covered backdrop left much to be desired. She showed basics with a twist, mixed with less conventional pieces. Simple shift dresses were made interesting with structural belts and one-shoulder harnesses, some trimmed in frills. While overall the neutral-toned collection had a modern feminine feel, there were also ample military and athletic influences. Wide-leg olive pants and khaki trousers had snaps all down the outer leg, allowing them to be opened up so they billowed with movement, wool arm covers were reminiscent of skaters’ elbow guards, and bomber jackets were turned out in navy and mustard lace or cropped in burgundy satin with balloon sleeves. Ankle-length sweatshirt hoodies were splashed with botanical patterned embroidery and sequins, and cotton twill tanks, dresses and trenchcoats had overlays on one half of a gossamer-thin, sheer tech fabric.

The result: Just the right amount of asymmetry, mixed influences and contrasting textures made for an interesting offering that felt very “now.” While many of the base silhouettes came from classic shapes, they were anything but basic.

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