The aftermath of a crazy party was the set at Dilara Findikoglu. Red-wine soaked napkins, rotting fruits and half broken tables seemed on brand with Findikoglu’s dark and subversive creations. But this time, her woman has grown up.

“I want to grow up so I want my characters to grow up as well. I am almost 30!” she said. Gothic dress and embellished straitjackets yielded to expensive looking tight tweed jackets with chain belts dangling her logo; fairy dresses armed with silver bras and body chains, and geometric hats. Findikoglu said the new collection is a study on herself, her dark side and bright side, and address “how hard it is to be a female creative in the industry.”

WWD Critique: A more womanly and refined direction is promising and timely for Findikoglu. Maybe she can try bridal next time.

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