It was bonkers in the best, most joyful way possible: Think tinsel curtains turned into headpieces, larger-than-life wigs, rolls of fabrics attached to the garments and any material combination one could imagine possible, from bejeweled denim and brocade to stiff pin-striped wool patched together with casual jersey and tulle.

Matty Bovan wanted to create an “out-of-body” and “out-of-proportion” experience that challenges people and pushes their perception of taste. That’s why he focused on exaggerated silhouettes that created distorted, angular shapes around models’ hips and backs and mixed all sorts of materials together to create a crafty, undone look.

The bright colors and rich textures only helped make Bovan’s visual feast more exciting: He custom-made a metallic brocade fabric that was morphed into draped jackets and big-volume dresses and showcased his impressive knitting skills with a range of intarsia-knit pieces featuring graphic patterns and the word “Exit” all over — a not-so-subtle reference to Britain’s exit from the European Union last month.

“Everyone’s discussing this kind of seismic shift, and what it actually means. You can’t help but think about it — this is just a more joyful interpretation of leaving and going out into the world. It’s not naive, but a celebration of people,” said the designer backstage.

His feel-good collection was an indication of how to let your creativity loose and indulge in all things abstract and conceptual. Amidst the madness, the collection still had commercial legs if picked apart, particularly when it came to Bovan’s standout knits and cool, deconstructed denim.

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