For Richard Quinn, storytelling comes easy. For fall 2020, he let his audience enter his “fashion dreamhouse” — complete with a grand facade adorned with flowers from floor to ceiling. And when the doors swung open, you could follow the blush pink velvet stairs and delve further into his magical world of floral-printed interiors, grand pianos and extra-large chandeliers.

Equally fantastical, out-of-this-world creatures started creeping out of the dreamhouse. Some had a tough edge to them and wore leather trenchcoats with matching spike-embellished masks, punk tartan tops or pearl-encrusted suits whose backs were embroidered with the words “God Save the Quinn.” Others were more romantic in soft floral chiffon capes, rose-printed voluminous skirts and beautifully draped taffeta and velvet gowns that channeled old-school glamour.

Still, the designer’s flair for extravagance and just the right amount of eccentricity was evident throughout, in the exaggerated shoulders and bows featured in a series of floral minidresses; the printed masks covering models’ faces, or the crystal-embellished feather headpieces that put a smile on every guest’s face.

“I really like sinister, dark beauty. Even if it’s a beautifully embroidered gown I want an S&M girl wearing it, but she can then also wear a softer floral dress. That can be the same woman,” the designer mused backstage.

Characters for this imaginary house party included men in flares and embellished suits for Quinn’s first foray into men’s wear, adding to this celebration of glamour, riotous color, creativity and pure fantasy.

As the models walked down the runway for their finale walk to the sounds of “Dancing Queen,” Quinn proved again he’s London’s ultimate showman.

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