Pink. It’s what Elisabetta Franchi was thinking for fall with a collection that was meant to be an homage to women worldwide. She painted her show venue coral pink, and worked the shade — along with makeup colors like rose, gold and beige — into everything from tailored suits to ballgowns. “This collection is about a girl who dreams of being a princess, a modern princess,” said Franchi as she was mobbed by female fans backstage.

The sparkly fringes, rose gold sequins and piles of pleated and tiered tulle came in big crashing waves — on Twenties flapper-style micro minis, ballgowns, corset, halter and cropped tops, evening suits and sheer dresses. It was flashy and fleshy, Instagrammable and of-the-moment in a city where street-style posers dressed in sexy scraps of clothing cause traffic jams, and where femininity is, for the most part, more Sophia Loren than Audrey Hepburn.

But Franchi is also smart enough to know that a modern woman — and especially an up-to-date princess — needs to make way for tailoring in her rose-tinted closet, so she served up some beautiful pieces made at the company’s headquarters outside Bologna. A wool safari jacket cinched with a wide belt, a princess coat adorned with a little bag at the waist, and a belted bathrobe style in a rose-tinged beige telegraphed a different brand of femininity.

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