The Etros are bundling up, and saddling up, for fall, whipping blankets into fringed coats and shawls, working warm woolen checks and plaids into tailored pieces and taking style cues from Argentina’s gauchos.

Last month, Kean Etro sent out his wooly layers and paisleys in the brand’s men’s wear show, and his sister Veronica Etro led those trends into women’s territory, adding flashes of gold thread, silver studded leather and cashmere.

“I was into coziness, everything that wraps and protects. So a lot of knitwear, a lot of capes and warmth, loose fabrics. And then, at the same time, a lot of tailoring, and the eternal charm of the dandy,” Etro said. “I call them haute bohemians.”

Prince of Wales check suits with cropped trousers and boots recalled Argentina’s horsemen, while long tassel-edged or plaid coats came cinched with thick, silver-studded leather belts. Indeed, some models look like they’d walked off the runways of Ralph Lauren, with their shrunken, striped ponchos, fringed blanket coats and wide-brimmed hats.

Prairie dresses glinted with gold threads and were printed with swirls and little dots. “I call them the cosmic prints because they seem like constellations, or like fireworks in the night,” said the designer, who covered the walls of the show space in black. The all-black backdrop was meant to highlight the colored pattern and gold, but made life difficult for guests who had to pick their way through the dark to find their seats.

There was a lot going on here — what with all the pattern, texture, gold and shiny accessories. While much of it was lovely, Etro could have done with peeling back some of those cozy layers and letting her ladies breathe a little.

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